XPRIZE, come cool with us.


Like you, we believe solutions can come from anyone, anywhere on the planet; but we bet you didn’t think they’d come via a bunch of open letters and well orchestrated social campaign.

And like you, we’re also using human ingenuity to bring about change, capture imagination and inspire action. It is movements like yours that give us the audacity to try this… To paraphrase Peter — the day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.

So we’d like to introduce to you our crazy idea — the Islands of Cool. A place where digital cools physical, built in the metaverse to remove carbon in real life and guided by a simple, yet profound vision — create the coolest decentralised brand the world has ever seen. We’re embracing the beauty of web3 to rewrite the rules on: Brand building, Ownership, Centralization and uniquely, how to cool our planet.

The mission is simple (and somewhat insane): form a digital brand of unexpected environmental significance for our physical planet — all collections in Islands of Cool exist to fund real world carbon removal and cool our planet.

On Islands of Cool we dont just make NFTs — we make Digital Carbon Sponges™. By building super efficient smart contracts to remove real world carbon at mint and at each and every trade thereafter.

As the revolution of the internet is upon us we decided harnessing this to tackle the greatest challenge facing humanity, seemed well, smart and pretty cool.

We’re about to release Island One, hand drawn by artist T.Wei and broken into 100 smaller pieces, each is a Digital Carbon Sponge™ removing 1 tonne of carbon and designed to continue in perpetuity.

Island One — 100 carbon sucking NFTs to kick start it all.

There is no hiding the fact that this is an experiment or today’s crazy idea, but with your help it can be tomorrow’s breakthrough. Island One is just the beginning, we’ve got a lot more planned.

Let’s for a second dream… Islands of Cool is the next Bored Ape Yacht Club, just as cool, but also working to cool the planet… The ape community has traded $1B USDs in just 7 months. Now imagine even a portion of those funds are removing carbon and kickstarting the carbon removal market. It could be huge.

You harness the power of competition to change the world and we’d like to harness the power of collaboration, by gifting you one piece of Island One.

X marks the spot, reserved just for you.

We simply ask that we auction this piece and distribute any funds raised as a ‘bonus’ prize to an applicant(s) of your choice. We ask that the auction is done as soon as possible— cos if there’s one thing we don’t have, is lots of time.

We can’t imagine you’ll choose not to take up our offer, but if you don’t your piece allocated to you will remain blank forever, leaving Island One seemingly incomplete. The NFT will still sequestering the ton of carbon, but no one gets a bonus.

Either way we will push on, but wouldn’t this be one helluva collab?!

Come cool with us.

Much love,

Juss + Lee xx

(Co-Founders CPC)




The internet coolest climate action corporation. Where web3, carbon removal and lifestyle converge. Creators of the Digital Carbon Sponge™

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Islands of Cool

Islands of Cool

The internet coolest climate action corporation. Where web3, carbon removal and lifestyle converge. Creators of the Digital Carbon Sponge™

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