Islands of Cool

Dear Visa,

We saw you like NFTs and agree they will play an “important role” in the future of retail, social media and entertainment. We like your punk — it’s cute.

$150,000 was a pretty big purchase in order to gain “a firsthand understanding of the infrastructure requirements for a global brand to purchase, store, and leverage an NFT”. But, hey, we totally agree NFTs are going to be important.

To help your clients and partners participate in anything come next century we also need a planet that isn’t f*cked (climate wise), so have we got the deal for you: further first hand understanding for the new chapter of digital commerce, further environmental stewardship and further support to creators driving the future of NFT-commerce.

Welcome to the Islands of Cool, an NFT experiment where limitless creativity meets human innovation to completely reimagine climate action. The mission is simple: form a digital world of unexpected environmental significance for our physical one — all Islands of Cool NFTs exist to fund real world carbon removal and cool our planet.

We’re about to release Island One, hand drawn by artist T.Wei and broken into 100 smaller pieces, each piece removing 1 tonne of carbon and doubling as your membership to the Very Cool Club.

Island One — a cool and important carbon negative collection of unique NFTs.

We’ve reserved one for your corporate collection — it even has a little V symbol on it for you.

You can purchase this carbon removing NFT for $150,001. That’s right, just $1 more than what you paid for CryptoPunk 7610.

$151k for the ‘coolest’ NFT on the planet.

This isn’t any ordinary NFT purchase though, these NFTs exist to remove carbon and to make that clear, every single penny of that sale price will go to removing more carbon. Meaning this piece can remove over 1,000 tonnes, deeming it the ‘coolest NFT on the planet’.

We thought that’s something you would wanna get in on? Oh, and you’ll own all the carbon credits too — it’s a two-for-one kinda asset: art+carbon. Plus we accept credit card for payment.

If you can’t rustle up the cash, we’d also consider a straight trade: CryptoPunk 7610 for Island One — D04 (which we will sell and then buy carbon). That would give you more first hand experience at swapping NFTs and the like — up to you.

The offer is open until midnight Jan 31st 2022 (PST). If you choose not to take up our offer, we will then open the offer to anyone else willing to take the same deal.

Either way we still like your punk and Islands of Cool will push on, but this could be the start of something really important… so you may want to get in.

Come cool with us.

Much love,

Juss + Lee xx

(Co-Founders CPC)

It’s cool where we’re going and you should come to.

The coolest carbon negative art experiment on the blockchain.