MoMA, come cool with us.

Dear MoMA,

We’re sure you’ve marked down 2021 in your diary as monumental for art history, forever changed by the digital revolution. We have all seen NFTs emerge as a solution to create an indestructible and immutable record in the Blockchain and thereby will certify the art as original and unique. We wonder if there will now be two art era’s — before NFT and after?

We did a quick google and “modern art is the creative world’s expression of the rationalist practices and perspectives of the new lives and ideas provided by the technological advances of the industrial age that caused contemporary society to manifest itself in new ways compared to the past.”

We were surprised at how much we agreed, sometimes you google for hours and don’t find what you are looking for, but this was the nail on the head: what we’re embarking on embodies this, manifesting a digital world of unexpected environmental significance in our physical world.

As an institution you have both led this space, embracing artwork by a diverse group of practitioners. Your services create a more equitable public understanding of art and artists.

It’s at this point we want to introduce you to Islands of Cool, a carbon-negative-exquisite-corpse-art-experiment floating on the blockchain. Consider it limitless creativity meeting human innovation to completely reimagine climate action. All to form a site of unexpected environmental significance, these digital Islands exist to fund real world carbon removal, cooling our physical planet.

Island One is drawn by kiwi artist T.Wei and broken into 100 smaller pieces, each piece removing 1 tonne of carbon and designed with royalties to continue sucking carbon as they’re traded.

1 Island — 100 pieces — 100,000 kgs of carbon destroyed.

This is more than art and for this reason we would like to gift you a piece of Island One — created specifically for you (look closely)…

No need to buy a piece of the Amazon for this one… it’s already cool.

We simply ask that Island One be displayed in your museum. It’s up to you where — we hear even your bathrooms are spectacular (à la Jonathan Hartshorn).

If you choose not to take up our gift, your allocated NFT will be burned, sequestering the carbon, but your piece will remain blank in the artwork forever — a reminder of what perhaps could have been if we did this together.

Rest assured, either way we will push on, this experiment is going down in art history.

Come cool with us.

Much love,

Juss + Lee xx

(Co-Founders CPC)

This is art at its coolest.




The internet coolest climate action corporation. Where web3, carbon removal and lifestyle converge. Creators of the Digital Carbon Sponge™

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Islands of Cool

Islands of Cool

The internet coolest climate action corporation. Where web3, carbon removal and lifestyle converge. Creators of the Digital Carbon Sponge™

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